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    face Paint

    =YO sUP to all homies family ofcorse the technicians what up i am big fan from lv las vegas sincity USA i know tech loves it here but why i wasnt allowed in concert with face paint on is what i would like to know i though its all about what to rep not what u look like!!!!!!!

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    for real?!? fuck that man. if they see someone in face paint fuckin around it would be easier to find them if they did somethin wrong. I don't get it.

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    lol yeah...just standing there and not do anything just waitin to get in the show..but then you get kicked out...for having face paint on when someone who is performing has face paint on as confused

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    They better not kick me out for my face paint! I'm goin to the vip with it, I'll be pissed!!

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    Each venue has it's own rules on what is allowed.

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    wow that's some serious bullshit..

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    thats bunk as hell

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    I don't see why face paint is an issue to some venues...

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