hop in the ride put the key in the ignition
automatic though cuz i aint good with the shiftin
got the speakers bumpin and the windows tinted
got the spinners spinnin its fuckin sicknin innit?
cruisin down Broadway smokin a black
car packed with homeys n they all got my back
fuck with my crew n you bound to get cracked
headed to the club cuz we gon get tipsy
caribou lou, vodka, but my choice is Whiskey
it dont matter whatchu sippin you can still drink wit me
its been about 2 hours n my clique we hella drunk
ya step up to us n we finna hella dump
and we'll take yo chicks wit us cuz we finna hella hump
im a Technician n they sum fuckin Juggalos
we stick together man we fuckin brothers bro
makin guap tryna get up to the top
we weren't born with it so we need it a lot
you can call us hoodlums or you can call us shottas
you can call us wutchu wahna it really dont mahta
we swervin on the road dont know where the fuck we at
i lite up anotha black with that plastic hollow cap
our visions gettin blurry we way past buzzed
keepin our eyes peeled for the f-f-f-f-fuzz

(chorus x2)
we love beer we love alcohol
dont care what it is we will down it all
whether its a can or a beer bong
we'll keep drinkin n drinkin til we fall n hafta crawl

(verse 2)
now its the morning after n we hungover as fuck
we do this all the time from dawn until dusk
get drunk to this song go n getcha cups
its more than a habit its a fuckin addiction
i only do it to get rid of the affliction
last nite wuz crazy lets do it again
we keep drinkin until we feel numb
we'll neva stop doin it we'll neva be done
call up some people tell em to come over
there's rarely a day when you'll eva see us sober
lets get this party started yo turn the music on
we bout to do some keg stands n chug some Yagerbombs
fill ya cups up man dont leave em empty
alcohol to us is just so, so fuckin tempting
the drink of choice round here is Natural Ice
we do it every chance we get cuz thats our life
now if ya aint guna drink then why'd you even come?
grab a fuckin beer man dont be fuckin dumb

(chorus x2)

(verse 3)
i love me some whiskey i love me some brandy
so talk to me baby cuz im feelin real friendly
oh hold up, gotta fill my cup up man its empty
alrite im back, so as i was sayin
im in a good mood girl, i feel like playin
we can get kinky you can play with my slinky but you cannot drink me...
under the table, no way bro
i am sotally tober you can chupa mi juevos
what the fuck am i doin, im drunk off my ass
"have another Natty man" i think i'll pass
im so palstered dude, whats going on?
i think ima do a game of beer pong
whats even the point of this here song?
lets get back on track
this party's crazy its off the fuckin chain
will i ever stop doin this or will i stay the same?
this aint about Obama but i think i need a change
but i love it so much, ahhh, what can i say?
fuck AA i'll just keep drinkin liquor
never miss an opportunity cuz im a go-getter
im too shit-faced to keep on drinkin
the party aint over its just startin im thinkin
ima sit back n relax while yall do your thing
if i fall asleep then let me fuckin sleep
because it probly means that ive had too much to drink
tomorrow at ten we'll do this again
and again and again and again

(chorus x2)

man i love drinkin