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Thread: So What do the Technicians think of this Joe Budden Method Man thing

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    i think joe budden crossed the line with that stupid comment hes a good rapper but sometimes his mouth runs more on camera than his tracks

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    both are lyrically gifted, but i agree, joe runs his mouth like a bitch

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    Not sure how much of Buddens shit you have heard, but definitely isn't a one hit wonder. if you are talking in a sales perspective then yeah he probably is. Lyrically though he is totally right about what he said. That VIBE list was utter bullshit, and if Joey and Meth were to go one on one, Joey takes it. I'm a big Meth fan and he is a legend but that doesn't mean he is a better lyricist. People need to look past the achievements.

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    I can't really say who would win joe seems to have the upper hand on battle rapping and meth isn't a battle rapper niether but the same could've been said about saigon and look what happened there I thought joe b smashen sai untill I heard pushing buddens fucken sai killed it

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    Joe Budden - Dumb Out

    Joe Budden Ft. Fabolous Ransom & Hitchcock - Family Reunion

    i respect meth but budden will take his head off.

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    Haha how the fuck you gonna put a song about a girl against a free. Terrible comparisons, they aren't even in the same category. Check his song Dumb Out. Kills anything Meth did.

    Quote Originally Posted by Breck
    it aint about salez. everyone knowz that. lyrically, buddenz cant fuck wit a lot of people in tha game. & method man iz one of em. i aint talkin out my ass. i research all dem shitz. & Joe Buddenz music iz garbage. i cant listen 2 even one song all tha way thru. itz just my opinion. i can listen 2 a lot of artistz. but he aint one of em

    weak flow. borin. nuthin special

    free. kilt it

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    Not only that, Joe is more connected to the state of music these days. "Who killed it" is one of the truest songs out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Breck
    free. kilt it
    Kilt it???

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