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Thread: VIP Ticket to Tech (Tempe, AZ) THIS Thursday

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    VIP Ticket to Tech (Tempe, AZ) THIS Thursday

    One of my friends was supposed to go with me but last minute shit came up!
    So now we have an extra ticket. Were wanting to sell.
    Its VIP and if your interested let me know, best offer takes it!

    Marquee Theatre @ 3:00pm
    Tempe, Arizona

    Asking at least 50 for the VIP Pass & Ticket...or best offer!!!

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    yall still got it??.....damn let me no if nobody copped it yet??...i mite get it, and ditch

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    Yea, I still have it, Looks like you could be the one who takes it, my friend hasn't let me know yet.You got a number I can reach you at if i need to get a hold of you?

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    Looks like me and you are the only ones who have VIP passes. Lol. See you tomorrow.

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