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Thread: BROCHELLA 2009!

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    BROCHELLA 2009!

    I just saw this posting and now I am extremely excited. KMK are pretty wack, but the greatest emcee to ever bless a mic, TECH N9NE, will be performing, with one of the best hip hop groups around today, Swollen Members. I have been to 6 Tech N9ne shows and each one seems to get better and better. I have never seen a SM show, but those dudes roc the mic. Hollywood Undead who make some dope music will be there as well. Anyone of those three are worth seeing alone, but to have all three at the same venue is INCREDIBLE. I live in San Diego, so this is only about a 2 hour drive from me. ANYBODY who can get to this show NEEDS to go. Should be fuckin DOPE to see such a great set of artists all on one stage. Hella excited for this right now.

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    where is it? l.a.?

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    ahh nevermind. its in san berduuuu. man tech loves that place.

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    I really wanna go, but its like a 17 hour drive from here (portland or) even tho it would be worth it to see kmk tech hed p.e. and hollywood undead in the same day.

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    My brother would love to go with me to that. he's a big fan of tech n9ne and hollywood undead

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    KMK Is wack yet Hollywood Undead makes dope music? Ur fucking high.

    Yes, I have not bought a KMK album since No. 7 because thats when their music turned into something totally different which I didnt like anymore. But if you go to their live shows, they play a grip of old shit that is tight as fuck

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