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Thread: Was anybody at the San Diego show May 18th at HOB?

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    Was anybody at the San Diego show May 18th at HOB?

    Some dumb mother fucker was beefin in the middle of the crowd pushing everybody and all of the sudden some one sprayed a can of mase. It started to get hard to breath and I was coughing like hell. My girl and I knew something was wrong and we straight dipped. After that, about 20-30 people followed and all were complaining of breathing problems and eyes stinging. I hate to walk out on Tech N9ne because he puts his whole heart into his performances, but the safety of my girl and I had to come first. Luckily this was my 6th show and I have already seen the sickology tour, but it still was a disappointment to have to walk out on Tech. Much love to Tech N9ne, Krizz & Kutt and the whole strange music family. If anyone has anymore into, please let me know.

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    ha what a dick!

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    Damn. thats shitty.

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    ya dude i was more at the back but my fuckin throat felt all fucked up i was coughin and shit then i heard tech say fuck you mother fucker for masing us but nothin stops the kings. thats some fucked up shit why would you go to a concert and spray mase every where what a pussy.

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    u kno off top it was some female who sprayed the mace...

    cuz 4real...what kinda MAN carries some fuckin mace? u better take a boxing er sumthin homie..haha

    that is fucked up tho..

    and not to defend dude who was pushin everybody...but if im not mistaken im willing to bet he was jus tryna get the moshpit goin.

    i mean shyt im used 2 only moshin durin Einstein n Riotmaker but at Sickology in Santa Cruz we moshed for hellllllla songs.

    SINISTER TECH IS RAW AS FUCK IN CONCERT!! haha jus thought u shuld know.

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    yea i was caught right in the middle of that shit. people are dumbass motherfuckers. i got some mase in my eye and throat, but stayed on the floor. That shit stung really bad. I moved way the hell away from the middle. MAJOR props to tech for continuing his show.

    Anyone see the security fuck people up too? props to them as well.

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    how do u get mace into a show? don't they pat u down?

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    how do you get weed into a concert? same shit prbly hid it somewhere i mean come on they half ass pat you down i saw beer cans an a empty bottle of jose so im sure its not hard to get anything past the security gaurds

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    That was some bullshit.. Even tech was on stage holdin his eyes... My shit was burning but fuck it tech still tore it up!

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    it was a juggalo and HOB secuity caught him and beat his ass down.

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