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Thread: Strange Music West and 2009 CDS

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    Strange Music West and 2009 CDS

    It is the year of the N9NE
    So I figured I'd drop a few details here I picked up off Wikipedia, cause all people seem to be thinking about is K.O.D., but we have a ton of shit to look forward to this year...

    Strange Music West
    On May 14, 2009, a press release was issued by the label, naming Dave Weiner (formerly of Priority Records, JCor Entertainment & MSC Entertainment) the Vice President of "Strange Music West." In this new position, Dave will work hand in hand with Label President, Travis O'Guin from his satellite office in Los Angelas. One of his duties for the label will be to find and sign new acts to the label. Weiner was responsible for signing Sacramento, California rapper, Brotha Lynch Hung to the Strange Music label.

    On one hand, he brought Brotha Lynch into the Strange family...On the other, he used to work for Jcor, lol.

    Tech N9ne - Sickology 101 - April 28th, 2009
    <p ="text-align:left"><img src=""/>[/p]

    Krizz Kaliko - Genius - July 14th, 2009
    <p ="text-align:left"><img src=""/>[/p]
    (6 days after my birthday, if things go like they usually do, it'll leak the day before. =D)

    Big Scoob - Monsterifik - September 15th, 2009

    Prozak - The Hitchcock of Hiphop - September 29th, 2009

    Tech N9ne - K.O.D. - October 27th, 2009
    (Yall better pick up a copy!)

    Liquid Assassin - Apocalypse - TBA 2009

    Brotha Lynch Hung - Dinner and a Movie - TBA 2009

    Bump this shit up for the people who don't know...Personally I think Tech, Kaliko, Prozak, LA, Scoob, and Brotha Lynch are gonna rip it up...Oh wait, that's the whole label!
    (Dunno where Battman got that Genius cover, but I'm buyin it for sure, it even LOOKS sick)

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    this is old news I knew about Dave Weiner along ass time ago

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    I dident know about Dave Weiner....good lookin out homie, Thx 4 tha update!!! And that Kali cover is dope!!!! Strange Year 09!!!

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    I would love to be with Strange But happy were I am at!

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    If you watched the T9X DVD, you would know the story behind Dave Weiner. Sure, he was with JCor (in fact, he's the one that brought Tech to JCor), but he left his position with the label when the Tech shit went down. Then, Mark Cerami called him up, also formerly of Priority Records, and they went in together on MSC Entertainment. While Dave has been around some of these fowl companies, he always seems to take a step back from them when Tech does, indicating he supports Tech and Strange, and it's the other parties involved with these labels that turn things sour.

    EDIT: Also, I don't recall seeing anything that indicated that Lynch was for sure releasing in 2009...

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    dinner and a movie is coming out in 2009 from Strange Music

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    The genius cover is from Kaliko's Facebook page..There are 5 new pics uploaded there too, REAL nice.
    <p ="text-align:left">
    <p ="text-align:left">
    <p ="text-align:left">
    <p ="text-align:left">
    <p ="text-align:left">

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    All this info is old but props on that Kaliko cover never seen that before it looks tight that CD is gonna be crazy.

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    you forgot strictly strange dvd july 24 or 28.. its on the club n9ne promo from the sickology 101 album

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    the picture is from krizzs myspace

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