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Thread: Send these to ur local radio stations. Lets get Tech played on the radio

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    Send these to ur local radio stations. Lets get Tech played on the radio

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    radio is aka pay to play they wont play sent in tracks less the a independent station

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    Some will

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    idk if they will or not, the whole time ive been back in az ive heard 1 tech song on the mainstream rap station, they had a thing called the war at 4, and theyd put 2 underground artist against eachother, u call in vote 4 who u liked. winner comes won atleast 5-6times, it was here comes teca nina....., never heard anything again, tht was atlest 5-6 yrs ago.

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    I have a buddy that djs. I sent him the radio edits. he is gunna play them

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    which all songs are in the rar?

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    if you have heard techs edits on his myspace page... well i have tools to do the same so just hold up before u send them out i'll do sumthn better ...bend the pitch .. don't reverse all of them.

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