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    In My Head

    Well being a Marine in Iraq for the 4th time, I bang In my head religiously cuz the shit he says is real...As a none Marine or civilian if u will, What do u think about the song and is it a song that u can jam too or if u were trying to throw Tech at a future technician would you play that song?

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    Ya, a friend of mine is a singer in a Metal band and he loves "In My Head"

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    Thats whats up...I didnt really think anybody would really enjoy that song if they werent a Marine but I guess peoples do, i mean it is Tech

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    I am a civilian and I fuckin luv "in my head"....i listen to it religiously also....its amazin plus the lyricism is off the walls

    Yea i would definitely play that 4 a future techn9cian

    btw thx 4 protectin

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    I have gotten people into Techs music by playing them that song. But I dont quite get what you mean by people not likeing the song unless they was a Marine. Im not being a dick either. I actually want feedback on this one.

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    hell ya in my head is fucking amazing!

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    It's my favorite bump ever.

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    love this song cant wait for him to put out a rock album

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