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    Common Market

    Aright y'all, I wanted to finally bless y'all with some underground from my side of the globe. Common Market's an MC that's been doing his thing in the northwest for a minute now, working closely with Blue Scholars and other Seattle based groups, though he's originally from Portland. Just dropped a dope new video, which I was highly surprised to see had an appearance by a young MC I used to share the stage with years ago when we were like 15 years old, Grynch. He ain't rapping in it, but it was exciting to see his face. Peep it out and drop a line, I'm sure you'll enjoy.

    Common Market - Trouble Is

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    damn that whiteboy can wreck!

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    Bumpin this to the top, not enough of you rekonizen

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    his beard looks fake when hes walkin down the sidewalk hah
    pretty dope tho

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    I heard Blue Scholars for the first time about 2 years ago and have just now found out about Common Market...I was planning on making a thread to spread the good music, but looks like it's already been done! Years ago...haha. This needs to be re-visited so that some of the newer members can be introduced to them!!

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