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Thread: so any of you notice tech's fascination for the word "bain" or "bane"?

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    so any of you notice tech's fascination for the word "bain" or "bane"?

    idk it just caught attention a few days back and i thought i'd see what your takes are on this matter of subject

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    yea i noticed he says it in a few songs includin the one wit ceza

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    yup and that fool chills w/ poison ivy every now and then... it's pretty badass tech takes interest in shit like that

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    Bane means a person that ruins or spoils. Also it means death, destruction, ruin. That which causes or destroys life. I doubt tech is referring to the batman character. But ya, he says it ALOT! Its on every single album, I know that. Its in Red Nose. Anyway, I had to look the word up one time cause I noticed him saying it alot and I was like wtf? So there ya go fellas. A little english lesson.

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    that would explain why he uses it often too, good job

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    i thought he was sayin bade but yah i noticed that a long ass time ago like in tha 4 grd lol

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    "help me remain sane no dame games
    came from bane to a changed mane" -This Ring

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    "ttle donny, what you singin'? this ring"... yeeeaaah

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