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Thread: MLK vs Sickology

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    MLK vs Sickology

    which do u think was better?

    im going with MLK every track was fire minus the Big Scoob one

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    Oh boy. This has been posted before, someone is gonna bitch you out. Here let me save them the trouble. Whats wrong with you fuckhead. What are you, some kind of fuckin retard. Dont you know how to use the search bar? Okay, now to answer that question: I would have to say TIE!!!!! They are both awesome.

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    yep im mizeryluvkompany!!

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    man thats a tough one cuz MLK seemed more like a Hardcore rap album and this one seems just like a party album if that makes any sense. But i still cant pick a favorite tech cd. there all so good for so many different reasons. its like ever cd has a different little bit of personality of tech...just cant pick one you know?

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    the bitchers can suck it eazy

    search aint working for me

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    Personally I skip the following songs on a fairly regular basis. Each only has three for me so IMO I'd have to say its pretty even even though its been 2 years and MLK still hasn't got old to me and we'll see if that holds true for Sickology.

    Misery Loves Kompany -
    7. "Get Ya Head Right" (featuring Money Hungry, Snug Brim)
    9. "Girl Crazy "Crazy Love"
    13. "I Can Feel It" (featuring Agginy, The Philsta)

    Sickology -
    3. "Ghetto Love" (featuring Krizz Kaliko & Kutt Calhoun)
    5. "We Kixin' It" (featuring Ron Ron & The Popper)
    16. "Creepin'" (featuring B.G. Bulletwound & Paul Mussan)

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    Relapse kills em all

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    Idk the both fire

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    relapse and em are garbage IMO
    Quote Originally Posted by LoveBucketS
    Relapse kills em all

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