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Thread: What is your all time Fave Cd of Techs?

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    What is your all time Fave Cd of Techs?

    mine would be absolute power

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    Anghellic or Absolute Power

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    holy shit this thread has been dun...... oh about a hundred

    wuts ur fave tech song?
    wuts ur fave tech album?
    who would u like 2 hear him do a collab with?
    same old shit over and over and over.....
    u should read fofy thread, called b4 u make a topic!!

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    to many to mention...Anghellic,Absolute Power,Everready,Killer...the Collabos are good too!
    i mean is the only Artist put some fire every drop...y'all can't deny it...

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    Absolute Power !

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    Anghellic duh lol

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    I have already answered this topic but who cares? There is not always different things to talk about and sometimes people havn't replied to certain discussions. So my favorite Tecca Nina album is a tie between Anghellic and Everready.

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    ANGHELLIC but i love them alllll but defitnatly anghellic and i think tech would say the same haha

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