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Thread: Dr. Dre or Don Juan?

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    Dr. Dre or Don Juan?

    If Tech and Em ever do a track together who would u like to produce it? Even though Don Juans a punk ass buster!!! U have to admit he's a great producer. Who would u want to create a beat for these 2 MONSTERS???

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    Imma go with don juan, I think he would invent somethin incredible like he alwayz does!

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    Nov 2008
    IMO Don Juan beats all sound too similar.

    Its all a bass line and then some high background synthesizer notes.

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    Senior Member Celeon's Avatar
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    Oct 2008
    Man are you serious?

    Dre,Don Juan aint even the same League,he cool but he aint fucking with Dre

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    don juan

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    Lol that's no even fair Dre blows that dude out the water they aren't even close to being in the same league...

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    dre easy

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    Seriosly...Dre would use Don Juan's bones to pick his teeth after Dre finished devouring and shitting him out.

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    Dre of course but it would be sick if they could do something with both their s of beats.

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    Don Juan don't even do shit no more...Tech is the only reason why anyone knows that dudes name.

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