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Thread: What Tech song do you listen to the most?

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    What Tech song do you listen to the most?

    I know its hard to pick your favorite song, but hopefully this will answer your question. What song have you listened to the most out of all of Tech's songs? For me, its gotta be This Ring. So that is my favorite Tech song. How about you Technicians???

    "Next to me is ecstasy askin me if I wanna roll"

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    Either Einstein or This Ring I bump all the time. From his newer shit though, Nothin' is a hard song. That's gotta be my favorite song from Sickology.

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    (Soul Searchin, Be Warned, Cloudy Eyed Stroll) THE REAL TECH N9NE!!! Not a fan of his new we hear that from every other rapper. We know ur getting richer Tech u don't have to tell us.

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    "who you came to see" hands down.I can say this honestly that When ever I need a song to get the party started i can always throw this on and do the dam thang....fuck those who hate for the good old days were never fairly served to any of us ...

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    Keep On Keepin On, Gunz Will Bust, Its Alive, Tormented, Who You came to see, Welcome to my World, Come Gangsta, The Beast, This is Me, Yada Yada Yada, Absolute Power.

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    well i bump midwest choppers 1 and 2 most of the time
    and fuckin little pills disk 2 everready
    and T9X off of absoulte power and shit
    but shit im more bumpin the older shit now cause sickology was bomb dont get me wrong

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    einstein or middwest choppers from newer shit nothin,and blown away, are dirty songs i like techs verse in party and bullshit and from killer the sextion is hot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Breck
    theirz no way i could've just pick one or two songz haha

    I'mma Playa, Slacker, Absolute Power, Industry Is Punks, Einstein Tech N9ne, T9X, Worst Enemy, Yada Yada Yada, Here Comes Tecca Nina, La La Land, Suicide Letters, I'mma Tell, Devil Boy, This Ring, Breath, Sinister Tech, It's Alive, Who You Came To See, God Complex, Beef, Questions, Cotton Soldier, Mitch Bade, Celcius, Turn, That Owl, This Is Me, In My Head, Caribou Lou, Runnin Out Of Time, Come Gangsta, My Wife My Bitch My Girl, The Beast, Welcome To The Midwest, The Rain, Like Yeah, Crybaby, Blackboy, Everybody Move, Drill Team, I Love You But Fuck You, One Good Time, Paint A Dark Picture, Why You Aint Call Me, Happy Ending, Cant Shake It, Last Words, Like I Died, Midwest Choppers 1 & 2, I Can Feel It, You Don't Want It, Message To The Black Man, P.A.S.E.O., Kansas City King, Nothin, We Kixin It, Let Me In, In The Air, Blown Away, Dysfunctional, Party & Bullshit, Far Away, Red Nose, Be Warned, Red Necro, The Grench, Trapped In A Psychos Body, My Own Hell, I'll Pass.
    I didnt ask what your favorite SONGS are. I just asked which song you have listend to the most. haha much love though. My list would go on for days too if someone asked me which were my favorite songs. But I just wanna know which particular song you would say you listened to the most out of every Tech song.

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    be warned sickest ive heard from tech so far, soul searchin, what we are and Theyre all gonna laugh at you are close second. by the way anyone know what album soul searchin is off?

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    i listen to "sex out south" and "wheaties" feat shawnna thats my shit mainly anything i can dance to which is mostly all of techs songs

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