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Thread: Anybody down to get on an awesome remix of hes a mental giant?

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    Anybody down to get on an awesome remix of hes a mental giant?

    Youll see if you hit me up, its a twisted badddasss version of the beat, so its not the same but its really awesome. hit me up, i only need one person so get at me.

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    hit me up with the beat?

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    I sent you an email haha get back at me bro.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jordan McLeod

    hit me up with the beat?

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    <p ="text-align: left;">ok so i rly need a dope rapper on the middle verse.. soemebody hit me up that is serious abt this thanx!

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    I'll try it too big guy

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    I'm down
    But I don't got anyway of recording

    So in that case I'm down to hear it once
    it's done on here !!!

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