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Thread: Monday 7E Album, Features Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, Prozak [Download Links Available]

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    Monday 7E Album, Features Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, Prozak [Download Links Available]

    Monday's album is very difficult to find on the internet other than youtube and having bad quality. I bought his 7E album and the whole cd is awesome. Since I can attach only 3 files, i'll put up the 3 that have tech n9ne, kaliko, and prozak since it's related to strange music. The rest of the track listing is underneath, If you'd like an mp3 of the other ones, I'll post up another page with a download link.

    You can watch a video where he was interviewed on his myspace page.

    1. Intro Unleash - (with 7E)
    2. Cuckoo's Nest - (with 7E)
    3. Phantom - (with 7E, featuring Prozak)
    4. Up In Smoke - (with 7E, featuring Scatterman/Snug Brim)
    5. Fallen - (with 7E, featuring Prozak)
    6. Diner - (with 7E)
    7. Come - (with 7E)
    8. Broken - (with 7E)
    9. Wrist On Gliss Skit - (with 7E)
    10. Red Zone - (with 7E)
    11. Up and Down - (with 7E)
    12. Get It and Skit - (with 7E)
    13. Sideshow - (with 7E, featuring Tech N9ne)
    14. Paranoid - (with 7E, featuring Krizz Kaliko)
    15. Roll - (with 7E)
    16. Keep Running Skit - (with 7E)
    17. Tattoo Cherries - (with 7E)

    The 3 songs I've posted up are
    Sideshow (Monday has the first verse)
    Paranoid (Monday has the first verse)
    Phantom (Monday has the first verse)

    <p ="text-align:left"><img src=""/>[/p]

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    good work homie

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    Head to my thread and request it
    I've got the full album for ya

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    whos 7e? he another artist? and is side show the only one with tech on it?

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    His name is Monday. 7E is the album title. Tech is also on Cuckoo's Nest. I think he's on more songs than those 2 but those are the only ones I remember.

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    i bought this album the whole thing is good

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    I just found a link for the whole thing

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    Easy find!!!!

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    how do you actually download the links? when i go to the attachments i get another window with the audio, but i can't download it =/ i feel stupid lol but dope tracks

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    wow tech murked that shit...

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