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Thread: ***NEW TRACK FROM I.C.E. & D.O.A.

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    ***NEW TRACK FROM I.C.E. & D.O.A.

    some crippin dudes from cali kinda sound like a hyphy lynch dope tho

    <p ="text-align: left;"><width="385" height="376"/>[/p]

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    yall need to peep this shit it is hella funny and the beat is so fuckin raw (plus the guy on the first 16 says nigga 33 times i counted lol)

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    Yea That Shit Does Got A Dope Beat...The Song Isn't Bad.

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    The beat ain't bad but I could barely understand the verses. It was mixed horribly. lol.

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    Lol Oh My God He Does Say Nigga Hella Lol Ice Is Dope And Sos Doa I Am Defentally Gonna Buy That Cd

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