A Less Than Perfect Party

So one night last week I went to a house party in Monson. I knew the person that was throwing the party through a course I did for my probation. She had invited me another girl and one of the guys from the to her house for a party after stopping at the "Tailgate" bar in Palmer.

The three of us said that it sounded great and that we would all chip in for beer. After we all arrived at "Girl A"'s house we met her son, her boyfriend and her father. After we were all introduced we had some beers and light conversation. After about fifteen minutes or so the girls decided they wanted to go out and buy some Jagermeister and Red Bull to do some JagerBombs.

While the girls were gone I talked with "Girl A's Boyfriend" about all sorts of things, including dirt bmx and photography among other things. As a first impression "Girl A's Boyfriend" seemed like a real stand-up kind of guy. The girls eventually returned with the Jagermeister and Red Bull and asked us if we wanted to do a JagerBomb or two with them. I told "Girl A" that I did not want one because I had to drive and wanted to stop drinking soon because I had already had two beers. "Girl A" then informed me that I could stay the night if I felt I was not up to driving. So I gladly accepted the invitation to stay the night and party.

As the night progressed the more we drank. "Girl A"'s boyfriend and "Girl B" were going to go get "Guy L" so that he could come join the party. At this point girl a was tired and laying down on the couch. It was at that point that "Girl A"'s boyfriend and "Girl B" asked me to go with them to pick up "Guy L". By this point my judgement was well impaired and without well formed thought got into the car with "Girl A"'s boyfriend and "Girl B".

We sped through the streets as lights whizzed by and the car swerved from side to side and somewhere along the way we made it to "Guy L"'s location. "Guy L" got in the back passenger seat on the drivers side and I introduced myself to him. (Just for information purposes "Girl B" was in the front passenger seat.) Once again we were off like a shot from a cannon as "Girl A's Boyfriend" drunkenly navigated the streets.

We arrive back at "Girl A"'s house and everyone makes their way out of the car and up the stairs to the deck of "Girl A"'s house. I was the last inside and I walked in to find "Girl A" speaking loudly but not exactly yelling at "Girl B" calling her by someone elses name. I figure the name must have played some significance into the events that will follow because "Girl A's Boyfriend" asked very loudly to "Girl A" what he just called "Girl B". Seeming extremely angry he exclaims that he is leaving and tells "Guy L" to go with him. "Guy L" listened and I am assuming the because of the tires tearing into the dirt and screeching into the street that it was not "Guy L" driving because "Guy L" was not angry and in fact seemed very passive to the conflict that night.

A while passes and then "Girl A's Boyfirend" and "Guy L" return. "GAB" (Girl A's Boyfriend) made his way through the door and proceeded to have loud words with "Girl A". I was standing in the front door watching "GAB" start to in a quiet yet angry voice to "Girl A". "GAB" then raised his hand as if we were going to hit "Girl A". It was at this point that I firmly told "GAB" that if he hit "Girl A" that I would step in. "GAB" then struck "Girl A" and I quickly advanced on "GAB" I grabbed "GAB" by the throat with light force as to let him know I was serious about my previous statement. "Girl A" then told me to let go, so I did. "GAB" then struck me as I was stepping back out the door and said to me: "stay the fuck out of this or I'll fucking kill you!". I took this as a serious threat and decided that I was going to have to defend myself if "GAB" advanced at me.

At this point I was standing outside of the house on the deck in front of the door when suddenly the screen door sprung open and "GAB" put his hand on the door frame and continued to threaten me. I saw my chance to hopefully put some sense into his mind and make him stop. I did this by firmly pushing the door onto his hand with hopes that the pain would make him stop, "GAB" continuously tried to get out the door at me so I shut the door on his hand a little more firmly the second time and when he still pressed on trying to attack me I slammed the door forcibly on his hand to make one last attempt to let "GAB" know this was not a game and I will do what it takes to defend my safety and the safety of others.

I don't really remember the specifics from this point on because I was rather clouded from the drinking and from the rush of adrenaline caused when your body goes into a defensive state. I remember that after he finally let go of the door I stood by the door and watched as "Girl A" was confronted by "GAB" once again. This time "Girl A" defended herself in what was one of the most impressive acts of self defense I have ever seen. One shot from "Girl A" rattled "GAB" mind and dropped him to the floor. It was at this point I believe that "Father of Girl A" (FGA) came through the hallway very quickly to see what all the commotion was about. After "FGA" had seen what had happened he tried to talk to "GAB" who then attacked "FGA". "FGA" attempted to restrain "GAB" by his shoulders on the ground. "GAB" kept yelling angrily at "FGA" and at multiple moments "GAB" would exclaim "Kill me!" to "FGA".

By the time it was all said and done "Girl A's" house had blood and broken glass in various places and "GAB" and "Guy L" left.

Here's where it gets interesting. Even though hitting women is wrong and "FGA" told me I did the right thing I get a phone call today about a week later from "Girl A" saying that "GAB" wants to press charges on me. ON ME? He's the one that for an unprovoked reason struck "Girl A". I try to defend a friend and the guy that's in the wrong wants to press charges on me? Saying that if I don't pay his medical bills and compensate him for the damage he's gonna press charges on me? Its sad in a day where when someone actually gets hurt for something bad they did that they want to seek revenge in the form of taking money from the person that was doing the right thing when they just happened to be on the wrong end up the spectrum of right and wrong. So now I may be facing jail time for defending a mother of a young boy.

So this is where it gets even more interesting. For everyone I know and everyone I don't know that reads this, please spread the word for people to read my story. If you think I did the right thing please leave a comment saying so, if you believe I was in the wrong for defending the mother of a young son from a enraged drunken boyfriend then please leave a comment saying so.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read the events of my slightly unorthodox life.


Victor Janulewicz

ADDED: WED. May 6th, 2009

So the girl I was helping defend is now on "GAB"'s side. She and all the people there that night are saying that I cut his hand with a knife when I did not. So that means that all witnesses present at the time aside from being well over the legal limit are going to take his side because of the cuts caused by what I'm assuming was me slamming the door on his hand.
But as aforementioned there was tons of broken glass strewn about the kitchen and he very well could have cut his hand himself in his drunken stupor. I am willing to bet all the hair on my ass that it got cut when I slammed the door on his hand with my shoulder behind it (assuming of course it wasnt some of the broken glass).
So any way you spin it, Im probably gonna get fucked worse than a vegas slut for violation my probation if this does in fact end up in court. So much for doing the right thing eh? Not to mention a doctor should be able to easily tell the difference between a blade cut and a rough cut.