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Thread: Thank you Tech

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    Thank you Tech

    Yo use this to thank tha man who kills, crushes, devours, slaughters, eliminates, eradicates, diminishes, destroys, demolishes, every phony industry and underground clone that should never have picked up a mic.

    For real, thanks Tech, you are the definition of not only hip hop but music. A true artist and Strange Music is truly the Greatest Label known to man. Thanks for not changing though you face massive bullshit from many angles. You touch on deep shit through the most complex music has ever known. And even if the fucked up industry never gives you the credit you deserve, know that all that heard you respect you and your crew as the gods of music.


    Don't get it twisted, im on noones dick, this is for sincere thanks.
    Give the man your thanks.

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    flow. . from the heart and he keeps mixing it up to keep us entertained .. thanx tech

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    THX To The Realest Motherfucker Alive!!

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    Tech keep going hard thanx 4 all these sick tracks u gave us.

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    Thank you for sacrificing everything you ever loved for this incredible music you give us, and never giving up on your loyal F.A.N.S....If it wasent for that, who knows where alot of technicians would be right now!!!! T9 Forever!!!

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    whats wrong with u Tech N9ne Fans theres only 5 of us thanking Tech WTH! there should be way more people than this thanking Tech

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    Thanks Tech, Your music keeps me goin everyday

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    The ONE the ONLY, The greatest rapper alive TECH N9NE, THANK YOU and I do this by spending lots of money to see your ass 3 vips last year and 4 regular shows a stack of cds only strange music in my cd player all day every day

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