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Thread: Get Tech to tha south!!!!

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    Get Tech to tha south!!!!

    I already asked before, but imma ask again.......What do I gotta do to get Tech and tha Strange Music crew to come to tha south......Plenty of fans are missin out down here!!!!!

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    I feel you go to the demand tech shit. ive been doin it for FL

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    Pasco, Port fuckin Richey. BLEGH. Sucks here, I just wanna tech show, that would make my life so much better, lol.

    Quote Originally Posted by Justin
    hell yea tampa florida tech fan what part of florida you stay at

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    Fulllreaaall. I went to KMK and to Twizitd in jannus last month. I've been waitin for tech foreverrr. I wish people would get on that demand shit and fuckin get em here!

    Quote Originally Posted by Justin
    i already told my moms i was like if tech comes you gotta take me illl pay for gas ticket and your meal if you get hungry i just gotta go idc where it is in florida

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    im Tryna get him to G'Ville Sc.
    he would get mad love here

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    i figure if we can get Tech anywhere in this area he would get a lot of support...I live in Savannah, GA.....But i'm definetly willing to travel......

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