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Thread: We are supposed to unite on this site

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    We are supposed to unite on this site

    Man, its just ridiculous.How many times does this need to be said? This forum is for Technicians to discuss Tech's music. But as of lately, we have these people starting "internet fights". What are you accomplishing by hating on eachother on the internet? Tech just dropped a cd last week and there is so much to talk about regarding his music. But instead, people are talking shit about eachother. We are all technicians. Cmon now guys! Lets talk about the man who makes that sick ass music. Lets unite!!! I joined this site to talk about tech's siccness. Lets keep it that way. Much love to all the technicians on this site.
    P.S. I'm going to the Santa Cruz show on Thursday. Anybody else gonna be there!?

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    Cant we all jussssst....... Get along!

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    Word Son! Amen to that......I will be seeing you in SC!!

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    aww fuck that, that muthafucka talked shit 2 everybody, goin 2 random profiles and talk shit bout u black u need hung, ur a child abuser, and brags and boast bout murder of the innocent, if u dont like the thread masshin his ass dont go 2 it, other then that everbody here gets along 4 the most part, sum shit we disagree on, but people dont take it oversboard like rated r...hes a bitch! if u havent noticed.

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    We are united, we talk about alot of common things, yes it is Techs site, dont mean its just his talk. There are other things to talk about. I really think that if there was only Tech topics things would get boring, things repeat themselves over and over as it is. We would run out of Tech topics. This is, but not a dictatership. Prob didnt spell that right.

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    exactly, when i first came on this site iwas like shit ppl are gunna be chill and shit.
    but instead, people bitched at me for no fucking reason. bad first impression man.,

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    where in the rules to join this website and comment on this forum does it say "play nice" ? ppl of the same origin and intrests bicker all the time...democrates bicker with membmers bicker...i think this post should read something more like:

    "stop getting so damn offended about other peoples opinions and don't be so melodramatic about everything everyone says"

    now granted there are some ppl on here that just go around startin shit and trollin' but for the most part, fights are starting cuz ppl start catching feelings over text and are quick to defend their opinion based on their point of view untill the death...

    yeah, i agree, stop pointless fighting, but that doesn't mean u have to conform to get along w/ everyone...lets unite, but lets not be so douchy about it...

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