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    theres a tech concert may 29th at red rocks in colorado is anyone else gonna be there?

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    fuck yes, my bro smoe, my cuzns, my uncle, and me

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    Imma be there. VIP with at least one of my friends.

    Jedi Mind Tricks is gonna be there too, for anyone who doesn't know.

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    I get back from dallas just in time. You want to be my date?

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    wickedmikv sorry butt thats my lady we have ben together 4 a year and a haf

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    haha I was just messin.. I guess ill be seeing you two love birds at the show.

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    ha ha ya we got VIP
    did u ?

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    me too im excited the one thing im lookin forward to!! jedi is fucking sick!

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    Naw no VIP this time. Jedi Mind Tricks is going to be sick!!!! They should get Apathy too!!!!

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    hell yea i am doing vip for the first time i am so stoked!!

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