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    does anybody have any of techs old school nnutthouze tracks? cause ive heard alot about it like i know tha 6688846993 thing and i heard about it on t9x but ive never heard any of there songs. it would be greatly appricitated if someone could hook me up

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    Or look for 'I Can Get Grim' on YouTube.

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    You sir are not telling the truth. I have spoken to Icy Roc about these songs several times, he could have made plenty of dough off of these songs, to sell them to someone for 300 bucks. So i did a little investigating, and other than the songs that have been released by Icy Roc via myspace, he has the others in safe keeping. The money is not a motivator for him, from his own mouth.

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    There's a few ways of getting them...A) go to youtube, look for icyroc, he has the nnutthowze tracks, i paid 300 for the stupid thing, but i aint leaking out nothing, and ofcourse im gonna get some 'ahh hes shit talking' believe what u will. ask icyroc and make a deal with him.

    or..go on ebay, look around here and there, and im sure ull find the actual cd

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    alright thanks ya'll. if anybody else got some tracks or info or anything for me let me know

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