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Thread: A Super group with Tech.

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    A Super group with Tech.

    You know slaughterhouse is kind of a super group. If Tech was in a group and could have 3-4 other rappers on it who would u pick. It would be sick as fuck if something like this actualy happend. Keep it original, unique and somewhat Strange and Realistic.

    1.Tech N9ne
    2.Krayzie Bone
    3.Brotha Lynch
    4.Koopsta Knicca
    5.Immortal Technique

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    If Immortal Technique, then Tonedeff too xD Plus Eminem, Busta Rhymes, Obie Trice, Twisted Insane...

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    1.) tech n9ne
    2.)immortal technique
    3.)krayzie bone
    5.)the game

    afroman is kind of the odd ball in that list, but hey, his could be a good thing.

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    816 boys. haha
    immortal technique
    slim shady, not eminem
    brotha lynch

    with apperances by yukmouth every once in a while.

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    a more underground supergroup:
    tech n9ne, brotha lynch, krayzie bone, dalima, krizz kaliko

    a more mainstream group:
    tech n9ne, eminem, method man, busta rhymes, ludacris

    now those groups would be the ultimate hiphop takeover

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    method man is still a member of wu so no u cant put him
    tech n9ne, Immortal Technique , krizz kaliko, MURS, Brother lynch Hung

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    krayzie bone
    Brother lynch Hung
    B real
    ritch da factor

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    murs, immortal technique, diabolic, akir, krayzie bone,

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    seems to me like krayzie bone is leading the pack along with immortal technique...and i would like to replace b real with one of the members of the kenight ridas any one will do ( even though ther prolly just members of thugs line) but seriously tech if yer reading these posts it looks like the fans would like to see more shit done with krayzie bone

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    Tech,Andre nickatina,Brotha Lynch,bizzy bone n kaliko

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