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Thread: This guy is not Tupac (more photos)

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    This guy is not Tupac (more photos)

    At 1st I was like dwam look at that same head structure, same ear structure, same nose structure.
    Look alike Tupac picture
    <p ="text-align: left;"><width="400" height="400"/>[/p]
    Real Tupac picture
    <p ="text-align: left;"><width="302" height="398"/>[/p]
    Now take a look at these photos (I know the 1st one is blurry and kinda sucks)
    <p ="text-align: left;"><width="400" height="400"/>[/p]
    <p ="text-align: left;"><width="400" height="400"/>[/p]

    They did say they were unsure if it was pictures of the same guy as the ones from a few days ago. It might be though.

    "We just got new pictures of a guy (left) people think is the same guy we plastered all over our site yesterday -- a guy we think could actually be Tupac Shakur. People from all over the world went nuts yesterday after we posted the pics (right). Frankly, we don't think the new guy is the same as the one we put up yesterday -- we still think yesterday's dude -- who was in a bar in New Orleans over the weekend -- is 2Pac."

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    I knew it, along with eveyone else! lol. TMZ was reachin too hard to get that news!

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    i read somewhere that it could have possibly been photo shopped. *shrug*

    if this would of been like 8 years ago i probably would of been all over this,but as time went on i just thought to myself "this dude really is dead"

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