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Thread: Whats your favorite track off of Sickology?

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    Whats your favorite track off of Sickology?

    It's hard for me to pick a favorite. This album is sick. Do you notice how Tech went back to being hella dark? If I had to pick a favorite though I would say Midwest Choppers 2. Techs verse was fucking insane! But the whole album is nasty front to back.

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    i like dat track cuz but dat nothin was real nigga i cant say shit do but they is all gud cuz. $C$ till da def nigga

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    this shits been posted like 10-20 times all ready, and i didt find the album dark at!!!!....wut songz were dark? i must of missed them!..i thought the album was more upbeat, and party like!

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    hey mizery just listen to the lyrics on Midwest Choppers and Dysfunctional, Red Nose, Far Away, etc. It is upbeat like you say, but the things he are saying are dark homie. Just listen.

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    oh yeah hes always had tht, but when i thnk dark i think, real killa, psycho bitch, paint a dark picture, tormented, twisted, last wordz, you dont want it, breath, hope 4 a higher power, sinsiter tech, devil boy! shit like tht!....hes always been edgey with his shit, but when u say dark i thnk dark!....aww who gives a fuck the albums dope and techs verses are always the best ever, cant wait 4 kod, and blackin the sun is wut i call dark!!!

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    Ha, its funny you say that cause I agree 100 percent. I cant wait to hear that whole song dude. hey go to youtube and look up Ceza ft. Tech N9NE Dark Places. Its hella dark and dope as fuck. The dude he flows with is spittin in Turkish but hes tight.

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    ah ya ive heard tht joint, def dark shit tech ripped it 4 real, and i have no idea wut the fuck tht other guy says but it sounds wanna hear all of blackin the sun! the sample is a

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    u know theres a thread where u can vote for ur fav tech song EVEN BETTER

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    Red Nose Dysfunctional in the air blown away midwest hoppers 2 far away... this album is solid in my mind and he has the club music with let me in and party and bull shit but ya its ot a dark album at all but its all around good in my mind alot of hot tracks

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    Listen To Craig Smith's Verse In "In The Air" He's One Of THe Reasons That Song Is Ma Fave... And Second Now Would Have To Be "Dysfunctional" Krizz Kaliko's Verse Is So Hard... And I Love The Chorus...

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