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Thread: Never Be

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    Never Be

    Matic Lee - Never Be<p ="text-align:left"><img src=""/>[/p]

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    Dead Presidents?

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    I love this song, I've heard it b4, matic is dope! Don't sleep on him. This is the cat that produced Red Nose as long as alot of other beats on Sickology and a few on Killer!

    Keep it up matic lee

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    Matic's beats are fuckin killer. Strange needs to sign his ass

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    Damn, he's really good. Nice Flow. Decent Rhyme Scheme.

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    where can i get his album ?

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    Its not out yet. But he has a group album called The Gun Club I think, and its up on iTunes. He also has a few older albums but Im not sure if there for sale or not.

    Quote Originally Posted by VicaVersa
    where can i get his album ?

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