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Thread: Seattle!! Beths Cafe fuck you!

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    Seattle!! Beths Cafe fuck you!

    So after the show tonight in Seattle some of crew guys decided to hit uo the infamous Beths cae and tackle the 12 egg omlette. I was alrready on 4 rum and cokes 2 vodka sprites and 4 shot of Jose. So when I seen that massive mound of egg, bacon, sausage, cheese, and hasbrowns lay infront of me I almost chucked it. But I got my balls back and tackled that bitch, and now im sitting in the back lounge of the bus typing this shit out to all of ya'll cuz im bored, hurting, and damn proud I ate that bitch!! fuck you 12 egg omlette!!!

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    lol!!! u!! massive mound of egg, tackeld tht bitch!! hahahaha!!

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    this dudes gonna have one of the worst cases of bubble gutts ever known to man you better take some lamoz es online or someshit

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    Ha Ha man you really ate it all... I couldn't finish the original 12 egg omlette on my way back from a seahawks game.. Ill give you props for that one... Next time your in portland Or, you should stop by the stepping stone cafe and try the "mancake special" 13 inch pancakes now that wud be a feat to tackle those bitches...

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    This forum needs a props button, cos that deserves some props.

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    oh god my stomach hurts now ya'll, and i can't stop farting!

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