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Thread: New addition to strange music lineup?

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    New addition to strange music lineup?

    if you were to add any artist to the strange music lineup, who would it be and why

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    use the search bar and it would be Craig Smith or Dalima or Dalima & D-Loc Da Gill GOD!

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    I honestly love when Tech & Trav sign an artist/group no one here's heard of. That way you can get into them and all that.

    Examples (for me at least): Cognito, ¬°Mayday!, Grave Plott, Prozak/Project: Deadman, Stevie Stone, Jay Rock, Big Scoob, Ces Cru & Brotha Lynch Hung.

    ^ All artists/groups that I had no idea existed until they signed to Strange... I love Strange, lol.

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    for me it would be Gorillaz why they have great music and pair em up with Mayday you'll have one dope collaboration also EMI is fucking them over and if they signed to Strange it would be the ultimate middle finger to the industry but realistically I would love to see Aqualeo because they have an extremely great connection with Strange so it would make sense for them to sign

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    Aqualeo, jon connor, irv da phenom, or rittz

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