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Thread: Tech N9ne Pics!!!

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    Tech N9ne Pics!!!

    Tell me what you think about my Tech N9ne drawings.
    ...Keep in mind, I'm only 13, and I made these last year.

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    Aint bad, better than I could do, I'm creatively impaired.

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    I know my Kutt Calhoun drawing is all messed up, but i drew it during a video.

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    not bad.but keep grindn and who knows in the future when you get better Strange Music might hit you up for some kind of art work.

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    Not bad im going to post some of my artwork later. Just some tips... When you draw make sure too look at shapes from the reference you're using. Use some kind of bodypart as a guid line for example..Kutt Calhoun's jaw looks out of shape. Im 15 and ive been drawing since i was little kid. Try to sketch out your drawin' and draw lightly to reduce dark marks and for better erasing. You'll get better.

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    Better than wut I wuld do! I give you propz!

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    Yo man keep up the good work. When I was thirteen i had a book full of people drawings. Like Ice cube, BBD, Ice T, and shit. I'm glad I held on to mine so I can look back and see what I've learned since then. Check out my art on my page or so and if you likes it maybe we can do a collabo piece.

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    Pretty tight for your age.

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    Nice man. Keep em coming

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