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Thread: I miss Everready/MLK

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    I miss Everready/MLK

    By far Tech's best albums his shit has gotten goofy.

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    i miss those days too (anghellic and absolute power too)
    but i disagree wit the goofy part... his shit changed but not necessarily in a bad way

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    man i disagree his flow has matured and gotten more complex i think sickology is a better more rounded album mlk was probably
    his most commercial sounding album i mean shit for a minute u thought lil john produced that box and sex out south

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    I don't missem I play the shit outta those albums still partys or just in the car I still listen to everready just as much as I did a few year ago when it dropped in stores!

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    I feel as if hes losin his flow it seems as if in sickology he doesnt have the flow he used to altho his new is so sick i would still like a little bit more of those amazing flows hes known

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    i dunno i think thats why tech is consistently my favorite artist not one of his albums sounds the same

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    If all his shit sounded the same people would be complaining about that that instedead.All his CD's are dope in there own way anybody who says his shit is gettin weird or wack is crazy.Sickology 101 is a fuckin ic.Stop wanting the fuckin past and enjoy the future.

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    not sayin i dont like sickology its a sick ass album i just like everready the most because of the flows and thats what tech is known for i would just like to see more of his mad flows altho i think red nose is my fav song he has mad yet

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    I think starting with "THE WORST" all the way up to "SICKOLOGL 101"! these cds are different, cause they're different stages of his LIFE!!!! If your a true fan "you get it" I am the same age as TECH and married with 3 childern , and He will always have me as a fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Tech hasn't lost a thing just cuz he changed his sound on every album dosen't mean he's lost it and IMHO i think sickology is very much reminisent of everready but with a broader range and it's not organized as a story like a story which is what everready was and it was the only tech album to be like that absolute power tries it at points on a dark sinister level and killer was everywhere it had no organization at all except "the dark side" sickology is probably the most "mainstream" album he has yet but even though that is a stretch

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