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Thread: Power 106 has been playing TECH n9ne on the radio is this true?

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    Power 106 has been playing TECH n9ne on the radio is this true?

    i dont listen 2 the radio but 1 of my homies does and told me they been playing this 1 song late night around 8ish and my homie barely knows tech n9ne and i wanna know what song it is?

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    I never listen to the radio either so I don't know, but if its true, its a good sign. Tech deserves the spins.

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    It's probably Slacker or I'm A Playa. I've heard multiple times that those two were on the radio.

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    Thats fucking badass. I have been requesting to the radio for a year to hear tech n9ne on there and never have. If that is true that is fucking badass. there is someone else on here that want to get him on there. if he does that is awesome cause fuck ya he deserves it!!!!

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    shit give me a grate to make a radio station and tech will be on every hour I NEED UR MONEY!!!!! GIVE IT TO ME OR TECH SHIT I CAN RUN THAT SHIT SO EASILY STATIONS AINT SHIT

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    they play caribou lou and everybody move in minnesota...occasionally

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