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Thread: Pass The Mic..lets spit sum shit

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    Pass The Mic..lets spit sum shit

    alrite wats gona happen is this:spit ur best shit rite got a limit from 8 bars to 32 bars...if u think u got what it takes,let loose rite here.and wen ur done say "passes the mic to the next chump" or sumthin creative and u have to comment on the last person who posted.lets start

    im sittin in the night time at the neighborly pavillion/
    im guna strike upon and kill an unlucky civilian/
    when i jump their ass & tuck their stash hopefuly its a million/
    nobody knows how i look i blend like a chamellion/
    my disguise is blind to eyes ill attack u by surprise/
    if u wana try n fight you'd be lucky if u survive/
    they call me Spade im like a god,im at the the top of the deck/
    if u disrespect ill grab ya throat & twist off ya neck/

    **scratches my balls and passes the mic**

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    hes breaking necks as we taking steps to stress
    from the high of the best got me thc repped
    i leapt to the stars flying into mars with cars with studded windows
    simple inuwendos and sick flows and low blows to young hos and i know

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    here's something i just made

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    1988, was a date, they shoud've erased/
    A baby was born, with no regards for his fate/
    Brought up a baptist, and he never lost faith/
    But now a pentecostal, from sinner to saint/
    Devils everywhere wanna be rid of me/
    But I wont cease until these demons come finish me/
    You really want it that bad, i'll give you a break/
    Cuz its rat a tat, when my kit kat lays u to waste/

    (Passes the mic)

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    step on the mic n rip it get your hat ready n tip it
    then grab your whole world nd flip it, sick of me sayin it
    well to be honest i just dont give a shit
    im sicker than 2 gay dudes fuckin eachother
    nd later find out tht its your dad nd your brother
    nd i was videotaping while fuckin your mother
    extraterestial gettin real sexual
    you can see me at a mardi gras festival
    gettin chicks to let me see ther breastical
    not both just one
    i dont care if its the right or left one
    so hun, have fun, get done
    get fucked
    kinda like all these other rapper chumps

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    smack ya wit a rotten piece of meat
    Who wants a piece of me
    i spit wit no decency
    i'll find ur house n ignite it
    light it cant fight it
    chillax im jus writin
    like im actually gonna get da lighter fluid n do it

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    mentally im poppin jaws up outta ya sockets/
    droppin mall- o -toff bombs like nagasaki for profit/
    stoppin off at the pawn shop ta cop a shottie ta chop it/
    hockin saliva like lava im hot as hell aint no stoppin/
    so call the cops with them glocks bring hella shots and wood boxes/

    im ready for anything with chrome n metal in settling/
    set the temp till it mirrors the same thing that a kettle brings/
    till my stomachs upset from all this wisdom im peddling/
    till im full from the gifts and all the things that the chedda brings/
    till miss thang's fitted in necklaces and big metal rings/
    pop the head off ya shoulders cause thats the way i be severing/

    easily feasting on the weak, tryin ta seek me a piece/
    beasting the beat,creepin while bringin heat ta the beef/
    singe the meat and bring the fork whenever ready ta eat/
    a cigarette when im finished whose eatin betta than me/

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    You just hatin my rap is amazin
    With God by side I have no limitation
    Tryin to bring me down saying i wont make
    When im in the booth i feel im the greatest
    Dont get it twisted im keepin it all real
    Every verse i spit you know ima kill
    Everything i say comes strait from the heart
    I will lyrcally rip any mc apart

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    From the day I was born I was overrated/
    No chance for sucess man I never made it/
    Something inside was holdin me back/
    My chemical balances were all outa wack/
    The path that I chose for my life/
    Now makes no difference it ends with a knife/
    E popin Acid dropin Weed smokin daily/
    Ive done so much shit my heads actin crazy/
    But days turn to nights and nights turn to days/
    I feel upside down in a cloud full of haze/
    If my heart were to stop this second/
    at least my last thoughts were dropped on this record/

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    they call me spade i eliminate the fakes/
    i operate with ak's & sexual escapades laced with aids/
    when u feel the lace around ya face u know the case/
    if u wana say a pray for goodness sake its too late/
    im sittin in the hot seat droppin those who got beef/
    tossin anybody in the oven like im a nazi/
    nobody can stop me,im bringin the heat if u got cheese/
    place a red dot on ur body,u remind me of kamikazes/
    even if i beat ur ass ill say its nice to meet cha tho/
    i got a tool shed full of explosives but u dont even kno/
    i love to sweetly speak my flows while i neatly beat cha hos/
    if u bringin beef ill fuckin heat ya like a pizza roll/

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