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Thread: Am I still a Technician??

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    Am I still a Technician??

    Okay to some of you this is going to sound really fucking pathetic, but some people might understand where I'm coming from.So I've been a tech/strange music fan for many years and yesterday I listened to that jokerr diss track. I wanted to say he sucks and all that, but the third verse amused me so I went to check out some of his other music, and I love most of it.The worst thing is, I hate the guy and everything about him as a person, but I love his music. Now this part , as I said, might sound really lame to some people, but hip-hop / strange music is one of the few things in life I'm passionate about, and I almost feel guilty for listening to jokerr. Feels like I'm letting down a label i've spent so long supporting.To make this thread less weird, I will also add discussion by asking if anyone else has ever been in this kind of situation? Even just hearing a song and liking it, then realizing after that it's an artist you hate. Kinda sucks.

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    same boat man i hate him love strange but i like maybe 4 of his songs.

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    I feel the same way. I hate the dudes whole attitude. Hes a fuckin bitch for goin at tech because they didnt wanna sign him. Hes a cryin ass little pussy. However, his imitation of a tech verse was ...good as fuck. He murdered that shit, and his other shit is full of skill also. He deserves to die for negatively exploiting techs whole rap in a verse though...he's just jealous he didnt claim that first

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    tech is not the only technician rapper, he is the NO 1 TECHNICIAN ARWO ARWO ARWO but there are many rappers who can spit like that also but as good as tech because tech is the master but what is wrong to like some other rapper killin shit?I hate that joker as person its just waste of talent what he do but third part is just what we like when its up to flow...but yes no one can do it as tech because i think he created that in all of these years xD he have nearly everything

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    i like jokerr music too, but i think he over does it, he's a good artist but he needs to tone itdown just alittle bit before it bites him on the ass. but he had a contest where people can diss him. i will post my diss up

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    The Jokerr is 1 of the greatest musicians of all time.. Ppl only talk shit bout him bcuz he never stops bitching on Facebook.

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    ha so jokerr was right at the beginning, ddnt kno wut to think. but listened to it a 3rd x. this is hella talented. yea, the 3rd verse was crazy.. keep ur music going jokerr. +1 fan jus dnt do anything like dis abt strange again.. SM is boss shit and probably make u a mitch bade..

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    goons on goons on goons on goons on goons on goons on goons on goons on goons on goons on goons on goons on goons

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    First off if you took that "diss" (which blew ass by the way) to heart or seriously then you've already went full retard. Secondly if you have to ask permission to like something or feel guilty about it to the point you're inclined to share that with the world then you a bitch ass nigga son.


    Quote Originally Posted by Siikez

    goons on goons on goons on goons on goons on goons on goons on goons on goons on goons on goons on goons on goons

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