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Thread: Thug Pit Tour

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    Thug Pit Tour

    Who thinks it would be sick as fuck if Everyone from the Thug Pit Song (Tech N9ne, Esham, ICP, KMK, Bone thugs) did a tour together? Ya'll know that would be the shit.

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    they already was on tour few years back the wicked wonka tour it was a pretty dope ass sho would b the shiat see em do it again too tho

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    i wish i had known about tech during that tour.

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    yeah thats around the time where tech was going to do shit with ICP i was like damn because when he was touring with them thats when i just heard about ICP so for real me and tech became juggalos at the same time

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    ye it was a pretty dope sho... the downside to it was the crowds were all segregated the bone fans was ther jus for bone tech for tech so on an so on.... lota fights at the one in kc, the okc sho wudnt bad jus haters an shit but it xpectd when u have a tour line up like that...

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    i dont like ICP or KMK. but bone thugs would be tight.

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    i went to an esham "show" a month or two ago. it was the worst. he just tweaked out and convulsed and lip synched (, not even looked like he didn't even know the songs... the mic was only above his waist for like 2 minutes the whole time he was on stage) like three songs and was like "yoo...i know ya'll got some buds. hit me up outside and smoke some buds with me, i'm tryin to get fucked up" and then he left.

    he did have a slacker remix played while he was up there. it was "imm'a smack 'er - throw 'er right thru the winDOW, i'mma smack 'er.." anybody know about that song? i couldn't find anything about it.

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