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Thread: Early Kutty & Krizz

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    Early Kutty & Krizz

    So, I thought about searching myself, but I figured this would be more fun. When did Bloody Kutty and Big Krizz Kaliko make their first appearance? What songs are each of them featured in all material made on and prior to Absolute Power?

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    i'm pretty sure krizz was just kickin it with icy rock signing and maybe doing hooks and hadn't made much of any music before he met tech. and kutt may have had some tracks before b.l.e.v.e. but i don't think so. both were on anghellic which was before AP, but i think you knew that. dont quote me though, i've had the same thought and looked into it and that's the only thing i came up with. ask sum1 from KC like rain dollaz. he prolly knows

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    back to the top

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    hahha thanks for that shout out!! and naw i aint heard nothing b4 that.. u gotta think i started really listenin to tech duriing angelic i heard him b4 then but thats when i really really was into the music!! been buyin since then!

    Rain Dollaz!!!

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    Kutt had some compilation tracks and such with Mass Acres before he got on with Tech, circa 1998 or so. As for Krizz, the first track that I believe was released and got any attention was Who You Came To See. That's not to say there may not be some local releases with vocals from him floating around from before that.

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