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Thread: Hey..... KMK Killa C ICP anything affiliated needs to stop!

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    Hey..... KMK Killa C ICP anything affiliated needs to stop!

    Im tired of these weak ass features with tech...i wish he would have never got your faggot to follow him....if i have to hear anything icp/juggalo related in ANYWAY i will blow my brains out.

    fuck you stanky ass, finger in the butt, roman noodle eatin, pig fuckin, STINKY, child molestin, SLOPPY, trailer park, wwe watchin, ass clowns

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    your a fagget, straight up

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    Nov 2008
    Juggalo fam unite

    Lets run this fool off the forum.


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    ohh no you upset the juggalo

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    im with bob, but ramen noodles are the only thing i can afford, icp is just kiss of the 2000's but not as popular check my other posts

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    i dont like icp, kmk, twiztid none of that shit. but come on man, there are some people who like it so dont hate on em i mean if they like it then its their perrogative. i 2 wish tech hadnt associated wit them but hey, cant do nothin bout it now. bottom line is that we're all tech fans here. but i will admit krayzie bone, tech n9ne and esham all killed it on their verses on "thug pit" n no matter what anyone says, if you truly appreciate lyricism, there is no denying thr fact tht "bury them all" from twizted is one of the siccest songs ever all of them tech, krizz, potluck n twizted all killed that track

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    KMK can pass, but anything truly jauggalo make me smh

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    Fuk U!
    U Lil Ass Rapin Cock Master!
    Im Notta Juggalo But Shiiit...I Gotta Lotta Juggalo Friends That Would Love Ta Kick Ur Punk Ass!
    Killa C Iz Fukn Amazing!

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    All these fuck Juggalos posts are fuckin stupid.
    I haven't once one here seen a good reason why people hate....all every does on here is hate....well most people.
    Shit gets old real quick.
    Haha all those things you listed can be said about anyone so stop sounding idiotic.
    Tech has love for Juggalos and appreciates everything ICP has done for him....Juggalos on this forum stop replying to this shit it just gives dumb asses like this fuel.
    This forum is out of fucking control and needs to be cleaned up of all this stupid shit.

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