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Thread: -MAINTAINIG STRANGE- I have a request.

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    -MAINTAINIG STRANGE- I have a request.

    Is there any way you can do something about this clown? Shit is very, VERY irritating.

    Quote Originally Posted by StirCrazy
    STIR CRAZY Music Production!
    High quality and affordable music production and recording!!!!!!!!!
    Please contact for quotes or any other information regarding beats and production for your next album!


    Call: (206)-600-5713

    <img src="*xJmx*PTEyMzUxNzUxMDI4MDMmcHQ9MTIzNTE3NTEwNzk1OSZwPTE1ODM2MSZkPSZnPTEmdD*mbz1lYzk3NWM2YjNmNTE*YzYyOGMyMWJkODcyYTM1OTk5NA==.gif" width="0" border="0" height="0"/>

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    It's never going to happen he goes over a shit load of juggalo affiliated sites and spams. If he gets banned hes just going to make another account. He makes some bomb beats though.

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    Lmao. I started a thread about this dude a long time ago, fucker never goes away. hahah.

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    i'm so fucking sick of all his fucking spamming
    love his Bout Ta Bubble remix though

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