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Thread: April 28th...

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    April 28th...

    We all know Sickology comes out that day and i guess violent j's dropping The Shining that same day....since there both indie who do you think will top who on the charts? Im sayin Tech all day but u never know.

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    Senior Member AmeriKiLLa's Avatar
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    NO ONE can fuck with Tech

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    lol tech is gettin big now he'll take it by at least 50,000 copies i think way more though

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    Senior Member David72's Avatar
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    Nov 2008
    Tech by a long shot because a version of the shining was givin out at athe gathering, this is the same thing just with like 5 extra songs. And in my opinion the worst solo put out by psychopathic

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    seriously? tech will murder tht shit...i ddnt even kno icp was still attempting to make music

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    Yea The Shining is a terrible cd. It leaked today as well.
    If it were ICP releasing a cd the same day.....then that'd be interesting to see. Just because ICP has a HUGE fanbase.....but Tech's is getting right up there

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    How many copies do u think Tech will sell. 50,000 would be big.

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    Yeah I meant 50,000 first week.

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    sickology will CRUSH the shining in every, lyrical content, flow, production value, EVERYTHING

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    im lookin to hit up both cd's, but i dont think violent j has a chance

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