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    Im posting this thread for 2 reasons.
    1.The threads are repetitious and are becoming boring
    2.cause this shit's been buggin me for a while

    Recently in my home town the police have uncovered 13 or 14 bodies buried
    about 12 to 15 feet below the ground.All of them female and 1 even had a fetus in her stomach. Now this story has been on various websites and local news reports but as far as cnn,fox or any other major media outlet airing the story live or at least dropping a few words it has been the opposite.What the fuck is going on???The more and more i think about this I go from being rational and level headed to realizing that these women arent upper white women.It seems that they were all prostitutes,but does that make them anymore less valuable than the next person???I guess it does when it comes to the public's idea of importance. Maybe its just the media.or maybe no one really gives a fuck right down to the feds investigating this tragedy.I guess yesterday was the breaking point when i looked at the yahoo home page and read about 4 bodies that were found in a "hotel located in a SUBURBAN neighborhood".They had quotes from the police plus it was longer than the average article you would normally read on that shit.A couple of weeks ago they had aired an hour long report about a girl who was missing on cnn and fox.The shit was a fucken national emergency of some sort or at least thats what it seemed like but then again not a damn thing was said about the women found a couple of miles from my moms house.If the bodies had been discovered in an upper neighborhood every1 and thier mama wouldve known by now.Instead most of you who read this are finding out for the first time.Shit like this goes on all the time but it just gets put on the back burner and left thier till the garbage man comes along so to speak.Theres so many stories like this in our communities across america and the rest of the world that get shoved out of the way and I find it fucking disgusting.Anyhow im done with this cause im tired but lemme know what you all think about this.,2933,...e=fnc/us/crime

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    i think it is a big problem, but i also think it mostly happens in America
    in other countries it doesn't matter what color or ethnicity(spelled right???) you are
    i know that in Denmark i have never known of this sort of thing happening.
    Our newsstations are owned by the government so they are completely impartial and shows what happens no matter who it is.

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    i feel u on this shit, happens everywhere but i can gurantee if it was the police chiefs daughter, theyd (the news) show the familys tears and set up a fund 4 the victim, also offer a reward 4 the capture of the suspect. it makes me sick 2. and ur rite they dont give a fuck! i mean why would they, they probly look at it as a couple less mouths 2 feed threw welfar. we got a prob out here rite now with adult men pickin up lil girls which is so fuckin sick, u cant even let ur kids play any more in this shit world.
    instead the news covers shit like whos the next american idol, and the captain that was captured by pirates.
    oh yeah and obama got a new gives a fuck bout his bitch ass dog!!!!

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    Dude, them bodies are like a couple blocks down from me. So close, I could see them undigging the bodies out. It does need to make bigger news. But they did have the problem on America's Most Wanted. Wierd for it to be on there because they have just about no info on the Killer. Guess why they had it on there I guess.

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    Thats messed up

    Quote Originally Posted by LoveBucketS
    Here's another example of what your sayin

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    this is a problem in my city as well... i was homeless for a good many years here(in my younger before kids traveling days) and i still keep up wiith my older friends that are still in that situation this last year a good many of my friends passed away due to murder/overdose/suicide what have you and no one gave a shit about it .these are human lives and i swear sometimes im the only person that has any compassion for the homeless...even some of our other friends didnt care about thier brothers and sisters in the same situation..Police dont give a crap cuz its one less junkie/drunk/homebum/or prostitute that they have to deal with..we are all human and should care about our fellow brothers and sisters
    much love to you brother
    have a blest day

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    first of all, your story is absolutely terrible and it only makes me even more disgusted with the bullshit going on here in this country. we're supposed to be so advanced in every way, the fuckin government and the media have this holier than thou attitude about how they run this shit and look at the hypocrisy going on every single day. i notice that shit every day on the news, they say a few lines about a horrific shooting in the inner city, i expect to hear something beyond an announcement-- but no of course not, then there's fifteen minutes of coverage on the controversy of a miss america contestant being asked about gay marriage?! time to get priorities straight, and i can't believe more people aren't completely disturbed by what's been going on for this long. we're supposed to have come such a long way, but i think that people have only found new methods of disguising the old ways.

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    Like along time ago...the same exact thing happend with prostituez...anybody heard of the 'Green River Killer'? This kind of thing happendz EVERYWHERE. Itz sicc I know! He killed like 48 prostituez and the youngest one wuz believe to be 13! That shyt made the newz....I read up on alot of that shyt. I mean I know you think people mite not care because they're juz prostituez. I'm pretty sure they do....why wuldn't they? I'm goin to skool to be a forensicz crime scene investigator....and if I wuz investigating sum shyt like wuldn't matter to ME if they were prostituez! But IDK thatz juz me.

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    that shit is crazy.........

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    You'd be surprised how much cold filez there are.

    Quote Originally Posted by whereischrislancaster
    i gotta guy in my city who is on trial for strangling a girl and tossing her out on the highway dead they only caught him cause of dna and witnesses saw him with her HE'S ON FUCKIN PAROLE FOR KILLING ANOTHER WOMAN IN 1980... man we are surrounded by monsters why dont we just off these bastards i dont wanna go to work to pay for some woman killers lunch .. thats ill

    they could do stories on this 24 hours a day and never cover them all ..its sick
    Quote Originally Posted by LoveBucketS
    Did you guy's hear about the pig farmer in british columbia. anyway he got life no parole man i wish the death penalty was here in Canada for guy's like him!!!

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