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Thread: Hit Em High

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    Hit Em High

    Does anybody remember this shit from Space Jam. I was 5 when this came out and got me to like hip hop. Looking back I would of loved to hear Tech kill this shit along with the rest of them. It was dope when it came out when uf were a fan of Space Jam and like 5 years old. Its still dope now though.HAHA

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    hell yea i remember that. I had the Space Jam casset soundtrack lol. It also had a rap song at the end w/ all the toons.

    Hit em high was a nice showcase of lyricists from the 90's B-Real, Method Man, Busta Rhymes & Coolio

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    busta rhymes goes off on that shit

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    what doesn't busta rhymes go off he's one of the only mainstream rappers that are lyrically somewhat on tech's level IMO.

    Quote Originally Posted by If Flow Was a Felony
    busta rhymes goes off on that shit

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