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Thread: Give tech his recognition

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    Give tech his recognition

    Man i hate how in XXL, the Vibe, and all those other shitty biast magazines that they compliment lil wayne, mims, and like jim jones, juelz santana that they brought the new wave of rock hip hop??? well can i speak on this everbody knows techs been doing that since forever i quote in absolute power he says i do hip hop and i i mix it with the hard rock....Einstein, riot maker, i am everything, shit is real, little pills and i rpobably forgot more but im just angry at this people saying of wayne is doin an all rock rap album techs been doing that for years they copied him give tech his props fuck this prom queen shit a girl wrote that song and wayne bought it look it up thats a true fact!!! and not just that not only tech has done rap rock shit so has dj quik on some small licks of his own b-real has bone thugs a bunch of rappers wheres there recognition who else is pissed at this??

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    tech will blow and really give them muhfukkas somethin to rant and rave about...livin outside yo mainstream no it wasnt an insane dream you bout to see strange gleam take it over and gain green!

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    yo thats shit is hard i didnt know that wayne didnt write dat shit hes weak neway
    u right though ppl do need 2 give tech his props he has been doin this shit 4 years
    in pissed wit u

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    A shitload of mainstream rappers don't write their own shit.

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    Its so funny that a lot of rappers dont write there own shit but still have terrible songs and rhymes.

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    I agree with you on that one too homie it bullshit.Tech has been doing it for years and has been making ics and doesn't get what he deserves.Now Wayne's wack ass is trying to do it and is making some bullshit and people are hyped.If more people would just listen they would see how Tech kills it.Riot Maker will make any fuckin hater shut there mouth that song is a straight banger.

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    I blow em all awayyy

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    for real anyone seen wayne tryin to play the guitar? that stunt made me lose a lot of respect for him, he was terrible

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    No disrespect to 9 but actually Bionic Jive was killing it before all of them but I hear ya point.

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    What blows is you have to sell out and do mainstream shit to get signed ... when we going to here the hard rockin', head banging, fist pumping, make you wanna scream heeelll yaaa! Music that we are getting from bands like Bionic Jive, techn9ne, Hed (p.e.), Mushroomhead and so many others. Went to show in Flagstaff last month saw Bionic Jive, Black Orchid, Where Teddy Bears Go to Die...was so fucking amazing. No one wanted to leave when show was in thst place could have blown the roof off. Why can't we get thst kind of music on the radio and in the larger venues??

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