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Thread: Check out this jeffery jefferson

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    Check out this jeffery jefferson

    this fool claims he's a technician and he posts comments like this on tech's myspace bulletins?

    he's talking about demanding tech to come to your city

    Apr 21, 2009 3:29 PM
    This is how we let the mainstream take our artists! FTI until the fuckin' money comes, Tech loves the "industry" he's a road hog. You idiots keep tellin' idiots to come to the show and there is no more respect. Motherfuckers used to know whats up, and now they bring their bitches, DC hats and fuckin' Kottonmouth Kings t-shirts to a show and just dance and brag about seein' Tech. That cat used get blamed for sellin' out to white folks, and stood up for somethin' and now hes blurrin' out the word Juggalo on his tracks and payin' for ads in Murder Dog. It's not Tech's fault, he knew and we knew he was gonna pop. All I'm sayin' is keep the good shit to yourself so that it can stay good, and Tech needs to quit claimin' he rides the short bus, 'cause all the down motherfuckers know whats goin' on. He should have realized that the same old fans would show more love than the kids that don't know what's up, and they would continue to support him if he didn't sell out. Go home to your kids, Tech, I'm sick of being haunted by my mistakes when you come to my town three times a fuckin' year. Five years ago there was nothin' better than a Tech show. Now the ics are cut short to make room on the set for new mainstream-type garbage. And another whole album of collabos, man, I regret givin' Tech absolute power, because now we have to watch it corrupt absolutely. Tech N9ne is last artist I want to see sell out, and the "fans" are doin' it to him. He's not looking for support from us anymore because we gave him so much power. I love Tech N9ne, and anyone else who says the same can't mean it if they helped throw away our Tech. "Red Nose" was an attempt to re-establish his FTI attitude, but I'm not buyin' it, he has to do something not just say it. Tech N9ne moved up from the short bus with Eveready, but still wants his fans to dig it, and is too stubborn to admit that shit has changed. Im' not tryin' to be an important voice, I just hope people start thinkin' about the real and realness. Don't comment back or try to explain why I'm wrong and please don't tell me how you feel if you read this, get Tech to speak on it. At this point that's about the only thing that give any kind of clarity to the situation. If there is something Tech could tell me that I don't understand, I would love to hear it and I would let it be known. Otherwise he shall admit that he hasn't been on the shortbus for a few years now. He means fuck the industry, like, they have a relationship. He is fucking the industry and benefitting from it, and I want to hear him get on some real shit and admit it, or explain to me what we are not seeing....

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    Tech is fucking the industry,what the fuck is he supposed to do.Get fucked by the industry. Dumb Shit " u can pray n pray for my downfall when i rise like the sun i aint fuckin with yall imma keep on keepin on"

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    wooooow. wut a douche.

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    Hmmm he must not know ICP sold out about 12 years ago... They care A LOT less about their fans than tech does... And he must've forgot Dark lotus was on murder dog too.. This kid must ACTUALLY "ride the short bus"

    He's been talking about wanting to go big for a LONG time now... some people are just stupid...

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    Why are you guys mad at da hater for doing what he does best? Tech is on some real positive, life-altering, grown man shit, right now. AND THAT'S WHAT'S UP! for as many years as Tech was out there, working like a slave to make good music and didn't get any props, or love out here. The fact that he's acutally making his fucking money now is BEAUTIFUL! I don't care if it's industry money, or average everyday person money. lol

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    thank you for your words of wisdom. I am now a better person. And I didn't 'take the time' to go on tech's page and get this. I copied and pasted it from a bulletin. not too difficult. I'm sorry but I just think if you are on a tech n9ne website or even have tech n9ne on your myspace friends list you should not talk down about him and spend an hour writing a post about how he's selling out.

    And it was probably you that wrote that.

    Quote Originally Posted by KimJong-il
    kinda sad u took the time to get this off techs myspace, if it was a rapper sayin it then it could have been interesting but its just a normal dude, who gives a shit wat that guy thinks, all thats important is that U like tech and if he doesnt... well thats less eargasms for him, dont bother with stupid shit

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    this fool is on sum ill shit and im fucking extatic that
    there is true peoke out there like J9X 2 put idiots out there
    like dis dumb ass in his fucking place!!

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