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    Does anyone on here know what all magazines tech has been on the cover of? I have two murder dog mags with him on the is him holdin the gun and the other is the strange family...let me know what you know...

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    think thts it, i got the one with the gun, but not the other, damn i wanted tht bitch 2, tht mag is hard 2 find out here 4 sum reason, wut yr and issue # was the strange fam one?? i wanna get tht, maybe they do back orders?

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    the strange family cover is volume 15 number 2....i emailed murder dog and they gave me an address and said to send $7.00 per issue and about 6 weeks later i got them in the mail.

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    ok shit so u got them both on back order?...ima try tht, their website, the last time i was on it sux! so u cant find tht mag on news stands either huh? records was the only spot then they and nobels used 2 get it but no longer do.

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    i just googled murder dog and on their site went to contact and emailed the person in the contacts....she told me what to do and i did i have both copies! they are both bad ass...the strange fam issue has ill bill, kutt, kris, tech, and skatterman on the cover

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    I don't have either fuckin cover with Tech which is bullshit but I do have a subscription now cause Borders used to carry it but due to slow sales they stopped.

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    murder dog is the best rap mag, the source sux, and all xxl duz is dick ride 50! hes like on the cover every 3 months.

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    where can i buy those two magizines: when tech is holding the gun and the one that has the strange music family

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    send your money order of 14 bucks (7bucks per issue) to:
    164 Robles dr Ste 257
    Vallejo, CA 94591

    just write a note in the envelope stating that you want the issue with the strange music family cover and the one with tech n9ne cover....itll take like 6 to 8 weeks to get the damn things but its worth the wait

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    fye has em the new one has a spread inside bout strange an there actualy an alt cover for the one wit just tech one he holn jus the gun then the other he got stack cash an gun....

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