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Thread: Sickology 101 or K.O.D.?

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    Sickology 101 or K.O.D.?

    Are you more excited about the release of Sickology 101, or K.O.D.?

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    both. I'm ready to preorder KOD right now

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    Junior Member Taylor99's Avatar
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    Nov 2008
    im more pumped for the realese of KOD cause i feel that he's gonna put everything he's got into that album!!!

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    he always puts everything he has into every album

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    Senior Member Becca's Avatar
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    yea tru that, he said in one of his more recent interviews that he does it by taking things in a totally new direction. he always puts everything into his albums (killer totally testifies to that) which is why they're so fucking raw. he's gotta do something completely different instead of trying to top the last one. that's the success of tech right there. i'm excited for both definitely, and i think the fact that there's two of them is saving me from going insane, bc i couldn't live knowing shit was dropping in october and having to wait until then.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris
    he always puts everything he has into every album

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    I'm more excited about Sickology because it's so i've heard snippets from almost all the songs and I can't wait to hear the whole sounds like it'll be dope

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    KOD is gunna be hype as hell...

    listen to the strange 09 sampler...

    blacken the sun is gunna be dope as fugg!

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    Senior Member VicaVersa's Avatar
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    KOD defenatliy

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    I'm more pumped for KOD. Sickology is going to be sick as fuck but KOD seems like the follow up to Anghellic that I've been waiting for.

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    Junior Member Cal's Avatar
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    KOD. Can't get enough of Like I Died, Blackened The Sun or Red Nose (supposed to set the mood). Remember the 101 is meant to get us ready for KOD, just like MLK (Premeditated Murder was a much better name though) did Killer

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