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Thread: Trackle to compete with google alerts - Custom track music,amazon and much more

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    Trackle to compete with google alerts - Custom track music,amazon and much more

    Trackle is a new service that tracks all of your personalized information on the Web, all in one place. Offering the industry's most comprehensive index of popularly tracked categories, Trackle keeps tabs on everything in your life, from local, to social to shopping.

    The service is built with advanced algorithms that provide a layer of intelligence to the tracking process - ensuring timely and relevant results. Users get automatically notified over the Web, email or SMS whenever Trackle finds a match. Trackle is built on top of a robust tracking platform, designed to offer a wide range of tracking services. The service is completely free, secure and privacy compliant.

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    Fuck off with your spam bullshit "James Smith"

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    ok i'm lost...what does this have to do with Tech n9ne, or strange music?

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