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    Does anyone on here have any clue when tech will be in the kansas city and or lawrence area?? I'm going to a sickology show for damn sure, but don't know if I should hit up the columbia show or wait to see if he gonna come to town....I keep checking the tour dates but its never updated....someone help me n9ne all day all night....chaaaa!

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    the end of the tour is when he is gonna be in the midwest

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    expect a date around june 13th... i saw somewhere where it said june 13th.. but im not believin it just yet.. its for bonner springs. at the sandstone...but it said soulja boy would be there. so im not so sure to be all like YEEEEEA TECH COMMIN just yet.

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    So I can't fuckin decide to wait and see if he comes to town or go to colubia....damn I hate bein in the dark...

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