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Thread: Gorilla Zoe - Lost

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    Jan 2009

    Gorilla Zoe - Lost

    I fuckin love this song. bumps hard as fuck. one of the good uns of the mainstream right now.

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    Jan 2009
    I remember not really likin dude when he came out wit yung joc. but hes got flow.

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    tha song was hard as hell wen it came out, i actually liked waynes verse on it

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    nah the version without wane was way better i dont liked his verse

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    not that bad but theone wit wane is a lil better

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    Waynes verse is shit in this song. He doesn't even say anything for like 3 seconds in the middle of his verse...its gay

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    Probley the only song i like by Gorilla Zoe..
    Lil Wayne's verse sucked, but the rest is pretty good.

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