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Thread: what time does class start???

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    what time does class start???

    so i'm just wondering if anybody knows when i should expect to recieve my sickology 101 set up for school if i pre-ordered it? i obviously know it comes out on the 28th, so does that mean i'll get it in the mail by then, or am i gonna have to have two copies of it? cuz if i don't have it by the time a store opens on that tuesday morning i'm gonna be forced to go buy another copy. get at me if you know anything. peace be with you all.

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    im going to buy two anyways. ya digg?

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    first of all u need ur number 2 pencil some paper to take notes and a folder. u should make sure ur on time to because tardyness is not acceptable. do not peak at the not skip ready to be taught by professor tech as well as many other perfessors. this course of study will leave those who are to weak or not ready for the sickness to be overwelmed wit feelins of WHAT THE FUCK AM I LISTENIN TO..THIS ISNT UR NORMAL STUDENT ANNOCEMENTS..i advise all students to take in the study and when u leave leave as possibley a changed better student of the studies of being sick. april 28th will start and this is only my letter to u,a fellow student of the game...i welcome u all to...SICKOLOGY 101!!!!


    shall begin shortly. here's to a new school year!!!! dont 4get school pictures on april 28th i repeat april 28th!! post all school pics online!! thank u!!

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    When i had pre ordered the Kutt Calhoun Feature Presentation Cd i received the cd and the shirt the day before it dropped in stores

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